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Additional hiking information

for Willingen-Rattlar (Sauerland)

Arrival from 3 p.m. on. The hiking weeks begin with dinner at 6 p.m. and end on the morning of the last day. Arrival and departure are individual.
There is no WiFi in the house.

Address: Ferienhaus Lydia, In der Hege 6a, 34508 Willingen-Rattlar (Upland), Hessisches Bergland

If you come by car:
Link Approach Rattlar

If you come by public transport:
Busses go from Willingen or Korbach to Rattlar (Upland).
Bus stop is Rattlar-Friedrichsplatz.
We will be happy to pick you up from there by car. To the accommodation it is about 3 kms.

Packing list:
sturdy hiking boots, sun cap / hat,
bathing togs, sun cream,
rain protection,
daypack, seat pad,
water bottles (PET or thermos bottle for 1 to 2 liters)
snack box or liquid-tight container

Slippers or thick socks
Toothpaste/brush, personal medication, possibly earplugs for the night
Towels and bed linen (duvet cover, pillow, bed sheet) !

Some excursion sites charge an entrance fee. And maybe we'll have a coffee on the way.
We recommend calculating €30.- to 50.-  for this.

If you play a musical instrument, please bring it with you!

High spirits and clean drinking water are already on site.
We cook vegetarian, sometimes vegan food, usually without wheat and, if possible, organic. We are prepared for gluten-free food, as well as diabetic cuisine. We sweeten sparingly and only with agave syrup, coconut blossom sugar, birch sugar and the like. Dairy products from cows, sheep and goats are available at one's own choice.
We offer coffee, instant or from ground beans, daily and in abundance.
We buy enough food in advance, so you don't need to bring anything with you.
Anyone who needs something different due to intolerances or out of pure desire should take good care of themselves.

And here's the small print:
Participation in our offers is voluntary and occurs at your own risk (“self-sufficiency”).

You can also stay in the accommodation or explore the surrounding area on your own. Please undertake any long hikes with at least two people and inform other course participants in advance.

We take care of the shopping and meals for the first few days and are happy if the participants actively contribute to our collective provision according to their respective possibilities and we share the tasks.

General: A lot of topics are currently dominating the headlines. We read and deal with them. Although one or the other view seems plausible, we are not sure whether this does justice to reality. The truth has many faces. During the hiking weeks we would like to focus primarily on future-oriented topics that we can also influence practically. We will of course observe any requirements from the authorities.

If you still have any questions just let us know.