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Approach by car in Willingen-Rattlar

Enter address into your navigation system:
34508 Willingen, In der Hege 6a

Some navigation systems don't know the lane "In der Hege“.
Then please enter the following into the navigation system:

34508 Willingen Rattlar, Auf dem Knappe 17

Then drive straight ahead for about 2 kilometres (4th photo). At the fir tree (5th photo) turn left.

1st photo: The Uplandstrasse from Schwalefeld becomes “Zur Laake” in Rattlar.
2nd photo:
At the intersection drive half way left “Auf dem Knappe”.
3rd photo: This steet leads to the sport area,
see street sign "Sportplatz".

4th photo: After the large football field on the left,
drive about 2 kilometres straight ahead.

5th photo: At the large fir tree turn left "In der Hege".
Straight ahead. The “Ferienhaus Lydia” is in the wood.

If you have any further questions just let us know.